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by Ross

Welcome to Photo News

Thank you for checking out our website. PhotoNews is an online publication providing informative and inspiring content for Photographers and Videographers. We are passionate about photography and we want to inspire others to be better photographers. 

We are photographers with decades of combined experience. The teams experience and passion allows us to make long form, in depth content that we fellow photographers will love! The collective experiences ranges from working internationally to setting up home developing labs and everything in between! 

Our key aim is to inspire, educate and support the photographic community. We do this by going further with our features and guides, doing more research and creating compelling, unique imagery. We hope that our passion for photography really comes through in every piece of content.

Founded in late 2021, PhotoNews is still in its infancy but we are already seeing rapid growth thanks to our modern approach to SEO but more importantly, our growing community of readers! It is those readers that inspire us to keep going and keep providing amazing content.

PhotoNews have huge plans and want to serve the photography community in the best possible way. This includes answering the questions that photographers ask most, no matter what their skill level. It also means industry outreach and providing insight into the latest and greatest gear as well as current photographic trends.

We also have a key focus on expanding our team and with it, our industry knowledge. Our writers all bring their own unique viewpoints. However, we’re always looking to build new connections, get feedback and be open to new ideas.

Finally, we plan to put our readers ahead of our advertisers and stay focussed on providing the content that they want, not what advertisers pay more for. We believe that the community should come first and allow us to evolve and meet the needs of our readers, to enable them to produce the best possible images that they can.

Meet The Team

We are a small but extremely enthusiastic team. The team were hand selected based on their experience and knowledge of the photo/video industry. With decades of combined experience, the team are just as comfortable writing about the latest industry developments as they are developing film at home! 

Meet The Photo News Team-

However, it’s not just all ‘talk’. Our contributors are all active in the photography industry with a broad range of photography skills. Many have worked as professional photographers & videographers and have worked with international clients. It’s safe to say that the passion for the content is firmly backed up with experience! 

In addition to our regular contributors, we also have a fantastic network of guest writers, all bringing their own knowledge and expertise to specific subjects.

Product Reviews

As photographers, we have spent many years using, handling and forming opinions on the gear that allows us to achieve our photographic goals. This insight has enabled us to see beyond the superficial and share our passion for the gear that we can’t live without – the gear that really makes a difference!

We believe that any product review should be thorough, helpful and most of all, trustworthy. This ethos forms our core approach to reviewing products and the reason that our readers keep coming back for more. 

Photo News Product Reviews-

[penci_button link=”https://photonews.info/wotancraft-pilot-10l-review/” icon=”fa fa-camera-retro” icon_position=”left” align=”center” background=”#FF6600″ target=”_blank”]Read the wotancraft pilot 10l review[/penci_button]

Every product is used thoroughly by our contributors, to form the best overall verdict. We take insight from the manufacturer and build a clear picture of who the product is aimed at, what problem it solves, how it will make the customer feel! We bring this together in an in depth and engaging and entertaining feature article.

The sole purpose of the review is to inform a customer to the point where they can make a purchasing decision, based on their personal needs. This not only helps the customer make better decisions, but it satisfies the ‘search intent’ building credibility and trust.

In addition, we provide bespoke imagery and graphics, made in house. This is far beyond simply rehashing other people’s opinions, we create original and engaging content that informs the target audience to enable them to make solid purchasing choices.

Audience Details

Our readers all have one thing in common, they’re passionate about photography! Our insights have shown that Organic Search brings them to our site, looking for product details, tutorials and general interest in all things photo/video! 

General readership is aged between 24-55 years old and a range of expertise. Our main audience is based in America, but we also have a strong readership in The UK, Europe and Asia. Search analysis indicates that they are usually looking to make an informed purchase decision, or improve their current photography/video skills.

We use real feedback from readers to improve our site and inform decisions based on what content we carry, how the site looks and feels as well as which direction we should go in the future. This feedback has allowed us to carry more bespoke content that ‘readers’ want, not simply what generates more views for advertisers.

Understanding our readers better has allowed us to broaden the style and nature of content we create. This has informed us that people want thorough, informative articles as well as support and guidance. It has also allowed us to identify interesting opportunities to combine interests such as Photography & Cycling, for example – which we are currently building an entire guide to fully support our readers.

We believe that being a solution to a reader’s problem is more important than ‘social influence’. Therefore, our sole goal is to satisfy readers’ search intent and be the credible authority that keeps readers coming back to, time and time again.

Global Content Highlights

Understanding local markets is just as important as having knowledge of photography to us. We know that we have a global readership. Therefore, it’s important to have a global network of contributors. Our writers are based all over the world and bring unique knowledge with them.

Between us, we have also traveled extensively and put our photography knowledge to the test! This helps us understand what it is like for our readers, photographing different environments and the challenges they bring.

Advertising Opportunities 

Our number one priority is to our readers. Being a trustworthy site is what keeps readers coming back. We do have advertising opportunities but the key factor is being transparent with our readership.

PhotoNews do offer partnering opportunities via both editorial content and display advertising. However, these are always overtly communicated to the reader and only ever brands that we feel comfortable promoting to our readers. 

We pride ourselves on working with brands that share our integrity and desire to make the photography world a more exciting and supportive place.

If you would like to work with us, please contact Ross at [email protected]

Company Details

Fully Insured: Public Liability & Indemnity Insurance

Location: Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Please send any enquiries to [email protected]