Canon Is Planning an Ultra-High-Resolution Mirrorless Camera

by Ross
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Canon have been revamping their offerings considerably in recent years and they could be about to shake-up the market once again. With 30+ megapixels being almost par-for-the-course, it certainly seems likely that a megapixel monster would join the line-up sooner rather than later.

Canon Rumours

Speculation over a high-megapixel count camera from the manufacturer has surfaced on rumour website – ‘Canon Rumours‘ have reported that the camera would be in the 75 megapixel range, which would certainly seem likely given that the manufacturers ever-popular Eos-R5 weighs in at around 45 megapixels.

No official announcement has been made by Canon but it would seem likely that they would like to get one over on competitions such as Sony & Nikon, if nothing more than for bragging rights! However, Canon have history in providing their customers with options in the high-megapixel-market with previous offerings such as the 5DR.

More Entry-Level Offerings

With Canon’s recent launches including the Eos-R3 and the more entry-level offerings of the R7/R10 – Canon really do seem intent on meeting most consumer-level needs and an ultra-high resolution camera would certainly appeal to stills photographers. What video capabilities such a beast would have is also a point of interest. However, Canon would need to be careful not to dilute their cinema line of cameras, so video may not be such a high priority.

If Canon are to launch a high-megapixel camera, it would almost certainly be a specialist camera and sell in smaller numbers than the ever popular R5/R6. Time will tell if the rumours are true and for camera enthusiasts everywhere, let’s hope they are!

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