Adobe Integrates into Creative Cloud

Enhancing Workflow for Video Production Professionals

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Adobe has announced the integration of, a cloud-based collaboration and review tool, into its Creative Cloud subscription, providing video production professionals with an improved workflow experience. This move follows Adobe’s acquisition of last year and is expected to greatly benefit users of Premiere Pro and other Adobe video editing software. has been a popular choice among video editors, colorists, motion graphics artists, and clients, offering a seamless platform for collaboration and review across all non-linear editing systems (NLEs). Users of Premiere Pro, Final Cut, and Da Vinci have relied on for easier project management, especially in the advertising and social video spaces where collaboration is key.

Adobe Creative Cloud

The integration of into Adobe Creative Cloud allows users to upload timelines with footage and share them with relevant parties for tasks such as motion graphics, video retouching, and coloring. Once modified, these versions can be downloaded and imported back into Premiere Pro for final rendering and delivery.

In addition to streamlining the editing process, also simplifies client review. Clients are not required to register for an account; instead, they can view videos online and provide feedback on a per-second basis using a link sent through email or messaging apps. This eliminates the need for lengthy emails and speeds up the approval process, resulting in faster project completion and delivery. Includes An Additional 100 GB

Adobe’s integration of includes an additional 100 GB of cloud storage, enabling users to store and share lower-quality versions of their videos during the approval process. While some projects may require larger storage capacities for high-quality files and various formats, this added storage space is expected to meet the needs of many video production professionals. is now available as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, offering an all-in-one solution for video editing, collaboration, and review. Users can update their subscriptions to access immediately.

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