Synology Diskstation Introducing the Synology DiskStation DS423+

A Compact and Versatile Storage Solution for Home and Small Business Use

by Ross
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Synology has just announced the release of their latest all-in-one storage solution, the 4-bay Synology DiskStation DS423+, designed specifically for home office and small business users. This compact storage system is powered by the Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM) operating system, which offers comprehensive solutions to protect, manage, and collaborate on documents, provide remote file access, and serve as the core of an IP camera-based surveillance system.

Anya Lin, Product Manager at Synology, highlights the exceptional value offered by the DS423+, stating that it has a 21% faster photo indexing compared to its predecessor, along with other performance improvements. The DS423+ is perfect for teams of professionals, small businesses looking to centralize their storage, or even as an edge node in distributed deployments. With a maximum storage capacity of 72 terabytes, the DS423+ is sure to meet the storage needs of various users.

Advanced Features

The advanced Btrfs file system on the DS423+ ensures data safety against corruption and allows users to quickly reverse unintended or malicious changes using snapshot technology. The DS423+ also comes with two M.2 NVMe slots for fast flash caching or SSD storage volumes, ideal for workloads requiring low latency and high random write performance.

Synology Drive provides intuitive file management and sharing, offering cross-platform access while maintaining the privacy of on-premises storage. Site-to-site file syncing is also available for remote teams or businesses with multiple locations. The DS423+ also offers hybrid cloud capabilities through Synology Hybrid Share, merging the benefits of on-premises and cloud storage.

Data In Mind

Data protection is essential, and the DS423+ features Synology’s Active Backup Suite, which enables safe backups of IT infrastructure, including Windows and Linux systems, Hyper-V/VMware VMs, and Microsoft 365/Google Workspace accounts. For added redundancy, backups and snapshots can be sent off-site to another server or cloud service.

As a compact surveillance server, the DS423+ is compatible with Synology Surveillance Station, a powerful video management system (VMS) supporting ONVIF and over 8,300 validated IP cameras. Surveillance Station allows easy management of up to 40 cameras on the DS423+ with a modern and configurable interface, making it suitable for various deployment sizes.

The Synology DS423+ is now available for purchase through Synology partners and resellers worldwide. For more information, please visit the product page.