How to Do Side by Side Photos on iPhone

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How to Take Side by Side Photos on iPhone: A Step-by-Step Guide

Taking side by side photos on an iPhone is a great way to capture two different perspectives of the same scene. With the help of this step-by-step guide, you can easily learn how to take side by side photos on your iPhone.

Step 1: Open the Camera app on your iPhone and select “Portrait” mode. This will allow you to take two pictures at once with different angles and perspectives.

Step 2: Position your phone so that both images are in frame and tap the shutter button. The camera will automatically take two pictures at once, one from each angle.

Step 3: Once both images have been taken, they will appear in a single frame with a slider between them allowing you to adjust which image appears more prominently in the final photo. You can also use this slider to adjust how much of each image is visible in the final photo if desired.

Step 4: When you are happy with how your photo looks, tap “Done” at the top right corner of your screen and then select “Save Image” from the menu that appears below it. Your side by side photo will now be saved into your Photos library for future use or sharing!

Tips for Taking the Perfect Side by Side Photo with Your iPhone

1. Choose a Complementary Background: When taking side by side photos with your iPhone, it is important to choose a background that will complement the subjects in the photo. Consider using a neutral color or patterned backdrop to make the subjects stand out.

2. Utilize Natural Light: Natural light is always best when taking photos with your iPhone, as it will provide you with the most flattering results. If possible, try to take your side by side photos outdoors or near a window for optimal lighting conditions.

3. Frame Your Subjects: Before snapping your photo, take some time to frame up your subjects so they are perfectly aligned and centered in the shot. This will help create an aesthetically pleasing image that captures both of them in one frame without any distractions from other elements in the background or foreground of the shot.

4. Use Gridlines: The gridlines feature on iPhones can be extremely helpful when taking side by side photos as it allows you to easily align and center both of your subjects within one frame without having to guess where they should be placed within the shot compositionally speaking.

5 . Experiment With Angles : Don’t be afraid to experiment with different angles when taking side by side photos with your iPhone! Try shooting from above or below for unique perspectives that can add interest and depth to an otherwise ordinary photo composition .

The Best Apps for Creating Amazing Side by Side Photos on iPhone

Creating amazing side by side photos on your iPhone is easier than ever with the right apps. Here are some of the best apps for creating stunning side by side photos:

1. Diptic: This app allows you to combine multiple photos into one frame, and it also offers a variety of filters and effects to customize your images. You can also add text or stickers to make your photo even more unique.

2. Layout from Instagram: This app makes it easy to create beautiful collages with up to nine images at once, as well as adding text and other design elements like frames and shapes. It’s perfect for creating eye-catching side by sides!

3. PicFrame: With this app, you can combine up to nine photos into one frame in a variety of layouts, including grids, circles, hearts and more! You can also add text or stickers if desired.

4. Pic Collage: This popular collage maker lets you combine up to 16 images at once in various layouts with customizable backgrounds and borders for added flair! You can also add text or stickers if desired.

5. PhotoGrid: This powerful photo editor allows you to create amazing collages with up to 18 images at once! It has tons of features like filters, frames, backgrounds and more that will help you make stunning side by sides quickly and easily!

How to Use the Split Screen Feature to Create Stunning Side by Sides on iPhone

The split screen feature on the iPhone is a great way to create stunning side by sides. This feature allows you to divide your screen into two parts, allowing you to view two different apps or images at the same time. Here’s how to use this feature:

1. Open the app that you want to use for your side by side image. For example, if you want to create a collage of photos, open the Photos app and select two images that you would like to display together.

2. Swipe up from the bottom of your screen and tap on “Split Screen” in the menu that appears at the bottom of your display.

3. Select which app or image will appear in each half of your split screen by tapping on it in either half of your display. You can also adjust how much space each image takes up by dragging one edge towards another until it reaches an even size with its partner image or app window.

4. Once both images are displayed correctly, take a screenshot (by pressing both volume buttons simultaneously) and save it as an image file so that you can share it with others or post it online!

With this simple process, anyone can easily create stunning side-by-side images using their iPhone’s split screen feature!

Creative Ideas for Capturing Unique and Interesting Side by Sides with Your iPhone Camera

1. Use the iPhone’s Portrait Mode to Capture Side by Sides: The iPhone’s Portrait Mode is a great way to capture side by sides with your phone camera. This mode allows you to take two photos at once, one from the front and one from the side, creating a unique perspective that can be used for creative side by sides.

2. Try Out Different Angles: Experimenting with different angles can help you capture interesting and unique side by sides with your iPhone camera. Try shooting from above or below, or even try shooting at an angle for a more dynamic shot.

3. Utilize Reflections: Reflections are a great way to create interesting and unique side by sides with your iPhone camera. Look for reflective surfaces such as windows or mirrors that can be used to create an interesting juxtaposition between two images in one shot.

4. Play With Perspective: Playing around with perspective is another great way to capture creative and unique side by sides with your iPhone camera. Try shooting from different distances or heights in order to get an unexpected view of the same subject matter in each image of the side-by-side composition.

5 . Experiment With Color: Color can be used as a powerful tool when capturing creative and unique side-by-side shots on your iPhone camera . Consider using contrasting colors in each image of the composition, or experiment with color filters for added effect .

How to Edit and Enhance Your iPhone’s Side by Sides for Maximum Impact

The iPhone is a powerful device that can be used to capture stunning photos and videos. With the right editing techniques, you can take your side by sides to the next level and create images with maximum impact. Here are some tips for editing and enhancing your iPhone’s side by sides for maximum impact:

1. Adjust Exposure: The exposure of a photo or video affects how bright or dark it appears. To adjust the exposure of your side by sides, use the brightness slider in the Photos app on your iPhone. You can also use third-party apps such as Snapseed or Lightroom to make more precise adjustments.

2. Enhance Color: Color plays an important role in creating visually appealing images and videos. To enhance color in your side by sides, try using filters or adjusting hue, saturation, and luminance levels with an app like Snapseed or Lightroom CC Mobile App.

3. Add Text: Adding text to a photo or video is a great way to draw attention to certain elements within it and create visual interest for viewers. You can add text using apps like Overlayr which allow you to customize fonts, colors, sizes, etc., as well as add animations if desired!

4. Crop & Resize: Cropping allows you to focus on specific elements within an image while resizing helps ensure that all of its components fit together properly when viewed at different sizes (e..g on different devices). Both cropping and resizing can be done easily with apps like Adobe Photoshop Express for iOS devices!

5 . Sharpen Details : Sharpening details helps bring out finer details in photos/videos which makes them look more professional overall . This effect can be achieved using sharpening tools available in most photo/video editing apps such as Adobe Photoshop Express , VSCO , Afterlight 2 , etc .

6 . Add Motion : Adding motion effects such as panning , zooming , rotating etc . adds dynamism & life into otherwise static images / videos making them much more engaging & interesting ! Apps like iMovie offer various motion effects that you could experiment with !

By following these tips for editing and enhancing your iPhone’s side by sides for maximum impact, you will be able to create stunning visuals that will captivate viewers!

What You Need to Know About Sharing and Posting Your Amazingly Creative iPhone’s Sideshots Online

Sharing your amazing iPhone sideshots online can be a great way to show off your creativity and share your work with the world. However, before you post or share any of your photos, it is important to understand the potential risks associated with doing so.

First and foremost, it is important to remember that once you post something online, it can be difficult or impossible to take back. Therefore, if you are considering posting any of your sideshots online, make sure that they are appropriate for public viewing and do not contain any sensitive information or images that could be used against you in the future. Additionally, consider whether or not you would like others to have access to these images; if not, then consider keeping them private by using a secure platform such as iCloud Photo Library.

It is also important to remember that when sharing photos online there may be copyright issues involved. If someone else has taken a photo similar to yours and posted it on their own website or social media page without permission from the original photographer (you), then they may have violated copyright laws and could face legal action for doing so. To avoid this issue altogether, make sure that all of your sideshots are original works created by yourself before posting them publicly online.

Finally, when sharing photos on social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook always remember to check the privacy settings associated with each platform before posting anything publicly; this will ensure that only those who have been given permission can view your content. Additionally, many platforms allow users to add watermarks onto their images which will help protect them from being stolen without permission from other users who may come across them while browsing through various websites and social media pages.

By following these simple tips when sharing and posting iPhone’s sideshots online you can help protect yourself from potential risks while still enjoying all of the benefits associated with showcasing your creative work!

Showcase: Inspiring Examples of Incredible Artistic Shots Taken with an iPhone’s Dual Camera Setup

The iPhone’s dual camera setup has revolutionized the way we take photos. With two lenses, one wide-angle and one telephoto, users can capture stunning images with a range of creative possibilities. Here are some inspiring examples of incredible artistic shots taken with an iPhone’s dual camera setup.

The first example is a shot taken by photographer and filmmaker Alex Kesselaar. He used the dual camera to capture a beautiful landscape in Norway, featuring snow-capped mountains and a lake reflecting the sky above it. The wide-angle lens allowed him to capture the entire scene in one shot, while the telephoto lens enabled him to zoom in on specific details for added depth and texture.

Another great example is from photographer David Yarrow who used his iPhone’s dual camera setup to take an amazing portrait of an elephant in Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Reserve. By using both lenses he was able to get close enough for detail while still capturing enough of the environment around it for context. The result was an incredibly powerful image that conveys both emotion and beauty at once.

Finally, there’s this stunning shot from photographer Chris Burkard which captures a surfer riding waves off California’s Big Sur coast at sunset. By using both lenses he was able to get close enough for detail while still capturing enough of the environment around it for context – resulting in an image that perfectly captures both motion and atmosphere at once!

These are just some examples of what can be achieved with an iPhone’s dual camera setup – proving that even with limited equipment you can create truly stunning works of art!


1. How do I take side-by-side photos on my iPhone?

To take side-by-side photos on your iPhone, open the Camera app and select the “Square” mode. This will allow you to take two pictures at once, with one appearing next to the other in a square format. You can then adjust the size of each photo by dragging the edges of each frame.

2. Can I edit my side-by-side photos?
Yes, you can edit your side-by-side photos using various photo editing apps available for iOS devices such as Adobe Photoshop Express or Snapseed. These apps allow you to crop, rotate, adjust brightness and contrast, add filters and more to your images.

3. How do I save my side-by-side photos?
Once you have taken and edited your side by side photos on your iPhone, simply tap the share icon in the top right corner of the screen and select “Save Image” from the list of options that appear below it. Your image will then be saved into your Photos library where it can be accessed later for further editing or sharing with others via social media or email etc..

4. Can I share my side by side photos online?
Yes! Once you have saved your image into your Photos library, simply tap on it again to open it up in full screen view and then tap on the share icon again (the same one used earlier). From here you can choose which social media platform or messaging service you would like to use in order to share it with friends/family/followers etc..

5. What is a good app for creating collages out of multiple images?
There are many great apps available for creating collages out of multiple images including Pic Collage (iOS), Diptic (iOS & Android) and Layout from Instagram (iOS & Android). All three offer a range of features such as templates, stickers & text overlays that make creating beautiful collages easy!

6. Is there an easy way to combine multiple images into one single image?
Yes! There are several apps available that make combining multiple images into one single image very easy such as Pic Stitch (iOS & Android) which allows users to combine up to 9 different pictures together at once! Other popular options include Photo Grid (Android) and InstaCollage Pro (iOS).

7. Is there any way I can create GIFs using my iPhone’s camera? Yes! There are several great GIF creation apps available for iOS devices such as Giffer Pro which allows users easily create animated GIFs from their existing videos or live camera footage within seconds! Other popular options include GifBoom (Android) and GifX Pro(iOS).

8 . Are there any other creative ways I can use my iPhone’s camera besides taking regular pictures? Absolutely! You could try experimenting with slow motion video recording using Apple’s built in Slo Mo feature found within its Camera app; capturing time lapse videos; panoramic shots; 360 degree spherical shots; long exposure photography etc..