How to Put Multiple Pictures on Instagram Story

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How to Put Multiple Pictures on Instagram Story

How to Create a Collage of Multiple Pictures for Your Instagram Story

Creating a collage of multiple pictures for your Instagram Story is a great way to share more content with your followers in an eye-catching and creative way. To get started, you will need to have the photos you want to include in the collage saved on your device. Once you have all of the images ready, follow these steps:

1. Open Instagram and select “Create Story” at the top of the screen.
2. Tap on “Layout” from the options at the bottom of your screen.
3. Select up to nine photos from your device that you would like to include in your collage by tapping on each one individually or selecting multiple images at once by pressing and holding down on one image until all desired images are selected.
4. Once all desired images are selected, tap “Done” in the top right corner of your screen and then tap “Next” when prompted with a preview of how it will look as a story post before posting it live for all followers to see!

Tips for Making the Most Out of Your Instagram Story with Multiple Pictures

1. Plan Ahead: Before you start creating your Instagram Story, plan out the order of the pictures and what content you want to include in each one. This will help ensure that your story flows well and looks cohesive.

2. Use a Consistent Color Palette: Choose a color palette for your story and stick with it throughout all of the pictures. This will help create a unified look for your story and make it more visually appealing.

3. Add Text: Adding text to each picture can help draw attention to important points or messages that you want to convey in your story. Make sure that the font size is large enough so that viewers can easily read it on their screens.

4. Utilize Stickers & GIFs: Incorporating stickers or GIFs into your Instagram Story can add an extra layer of fun and creativity to it! They are also great for highlighting key points or adding humor to your post without taking up too much space on the screen.

5 . Keep It Short & Sweet: When creating an Instagram Story with multiple pictures, try not to make it too long as this may cause viewers to lose interest quickly! Aim for around 5-7 pictures maximum so that viewers don’t get overwhelmed by too much content at once

How to Add Multiple Photos to an Instagram Story in Just a Few Steps

Adding multiple photos to an Instagram Story is a great way to share more of your life with your followers. Here are the steps you need to take in order to do so:

1. Open the Instagram app and tap on the camera icon at the top left corner of your screen.

2. Select “Story” from the options that appear at the bottom of your screen.

3. Tap on “Gallery” and select up to 10 photos or videos from your device’s library that you would like to add to your story.

4. Once you have selected all of the photos or videos, tap on “Next” in order for them all to be added together as one story post.

5. You can then customize each photo or video by adding text, stickers, drawing tools, and other creative elements before posting it as one story post with multiple images or videos included!

The Benefits of Using Multiple Pictures on Your Instagram Story

Using multiple pictures on your Instagram Story can be a great way to engage with your followers and create an interesting narrative. This type of content can help you stand out from the crowd and draw more attention to your profile. Here are some of the benefits of using multiple pictures on your Instagram Story:

1. Increased Engagement: By using multiple pictures, you can tell a story that will keep viewers engaged for longer periods of time. This will help you build relationships with followers and encourage them to interact with your posts.

2. More Visual Variety: Using multiple images allows you to show different aspects of a story or topic in one post, which helps create visual interest for viewers. You can also use different filters or editing techniques to make each image unique and eye-catching.

3. Improved Brand Recognition: Multiple images give viewers more opportunities to recognize your brand, as they’ll be exposed to it several times throughout the post rather than just once at the beginning or end of it. This helps increase brand awareness and loyalty among followers over time as they become familiar with what you have to offer them through visuals alone.

Overall, using multiple pictures on your Instagram Story is an effective way to engage with followers, create visual variety, and improve brand recognition all at once!

How to Make Sure All Your Photos Fit Perfectly on an Instagram Story

Creating an aesthetically pleasing Instagram Story can be a challenge, especially when it comes to making sure all of your photos fit perfectly. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps you can take to ensure that your photos look great on the platform.

First, make sure you’re using the correct size for your images. Instagram Stories require images that are 1080 pixels wide by 1920 pixels tall. If you’re using photos from another source, such as a digital camera or smartphone, they may need to be resized before uploading them to Instagram.

Second, consider cropping your images if necessary. If an image is too large or has elements that don’t fit within the frame of an Instagram Story post, try cropping it so that only the most important parts remain visible. This will help ensure that all of your photos look their best when posted on Instagram Stories.

Finally, use creative techniques such as layering and blending multiple images together in order to create interesting visuals for your story posts. By combining several different elements into one cohesive image or video clip, you can create something truly unique and eye-catching for viewers to enjoy!

By following these tips and tricks for creating perfect-fitting stories on Instagram, you can make sure all of your posts look their best!

Creative Ways to Use Multiple Pictures in an Instagram Story

1. Create a Collage: Use multiple pictures to create a collage that tells a story or conveys an emotion. You can use the Instagram Story feature to add text, stickers, and other elements to your collage.

2. Showcase Your Products: If you have multiple products that you want to showcase in your Instagram Story, use multiple pictures to highlight each one individually. This will help draw attention and give viewers an up-close look at what you’re offering.

3. Tell a Story: Use multiple pictures in your Instagram Story to tell a story or share an experience with your followers. This could be anything from showing off vacation photos or documenting the progress of a project you’re working on.

4. Create Before & After Photos: Showcase the progress of something by using two photos side-by-side in your Instagram Story – one before and one after – for maximum impact!

5. Share Tips & Tricks: If you have tips or tricks that require more than one photo for explanation, use multiple images in your Instagram Story so viewers can get all the information they need at once!

What You Need To Know About Adding More Than One Picture To An Instagram Story

Adding multiple pictures to an Instagram Story is a great way to share more of your story with your followers. It can be used to create a narrative, showcase different aspects of an event, or simply add more visual interest. Here are some tips for adding multiple pictures to an Instagram Story:

1. Choose the right format: You can add up to 10 photos and videos in one story post. To make sure they look their best, use the same aspect ratio for all images and videos (e.g., 4:5).

2. Use creative transitions: When adding multiple photos or videos, you can choose from several transition effects such as crossfade, slide left/right/up/down, and zoom in/out. These effects will help create a smooth transition between each image or video in your story post.

3. Add text and stickers: Text and stickers are great ways to draw attention to specific parts of your story post or provide additional context about what’s happening in each photo or video clip. You can also use them as captions for each image or video clip if you want!

4. Keep it organized: If you’re adding multiple images and videos into one story post, it’s important that they flow together well so that viewers don’t get confused about what they should be looking at next! Try using arrows or other visuals cues between images so that viewers know which order they should view them in (e.g., left-to-right).

By following these tips when creating multi-image stories on Instagram, you will be able to create engaging content that captures the attention of your followers!

Best Practices for Combining Different Types of Media into One Post on an Instagram Story

1. Start with a strong visual: Begin your Instagram Story post by selecting an eye-catching image or video that will draw viewers in and set the tone for the rest of your post.

2. Keep it concise: When combining different types of media into one post, it’s important to keep your message concise and to the point. Avoid using too many words or images as this can be overwhelming for viewers.

3. Use text sparingly: Text should be used sparingly when combining different types of media into one post on an Instagram Story, as it can detract from the visuals you are trying to showcase. If you do need to use text, make sure it is short and easy to read so that viewers don’t have to spend too much time deciphering what you are trying to say.

4. Utilize stickers: Stickers are a great way to add some fun elements into your posts while also providing additional information about what you are sharing with viewers without taking up too much space on the screen or distracting from other visuals in the post.

5. Include a call-to-action: Make sure that each Instagram Story post includes a clear call-to-action at the end so that viewers know what they should do next after viewing your content (e.g., visit a website, follow an account, etc.). This will help ensure that they take action after viewing your story and increase engagement with your content overall!


1. How do I add multiple pictures to my Instagram Story?

To add multiple pictures to your Instagram Story, tap the “+” icon at the top of your screen and select “Create a Story”. Then, tap the “Select Multiple” option and choose up to 10 photos or videos from your camera roll. Once you have selected all of your photos or videos, tap the arrow in the bottom right corner to upload them all at once.

2. Can I rearrange my photos after adding them?
Yes, you can rearrange your photos after adding them by tapping and holding on each photo until it is highlighted with a blue border around it. Then drag and drop each photo into its desired position in the story lineup before posting it.

3. Can I add text or stickers to my multiple-photo story?
Yes, you can add text or stickers to any of your photos before posting them as part of a multi-photo story by tapping on each individual photo in order to edit it separately from other images in the story lineup. You can also use this method if you want to delete any images from the story lineup before posting it as well!

4. How many pictures can I include in one Instagram Story?
You can include up to 10 pictures or videos per Instagram Story post! However, keep in mind that if you are using video clips they must be 15 seconds long or shorter for each clip included within one post!

5. Is there an easier way than selecting multiple images one by one?
Yes! If you have already created an album with all of your desired images within Apple Photos (or another compatible app) then simply open that album within Instagram Stories and select all of those images at once instead of selecting them individually! This will save time when creating multi-photo stories for sure!

6. What happens if I exceed 10 pictures/videos per post? Will they still be posted together as part of one single post?
No – if you exceed 10 pictures/videos per post then only those first 10 will be posted together as part of one single post while any additional ones will need their own separate posts afterwards (unless they are deleted beforehand).

7. Can I upload GIFs into my multi-photo stories too? Yes – GIFs are supported within multi-photo stories just like regular image files so feel free to include some fun animations along with still shots when creating these types of posts too!

8 . Is there anything else important that I should know about creating multi-photo stories on Instagram? Yes – make sure that all content included is appropriate for public viewing since anyone who follows you will be able see what is posted here so keep this in mind when deciding what type(s)of content should go into these typesof posts too!